Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thoughts spawned from a sleepless night

I didn't sleep at all, again. We leave for vacation in Gatlinberg in two days. Mom, Shayne and myself, as well as our friends Michele and her daughter Danielle. We leave on Tuesday and don't return until Saturday. Much fun is expected!

Uncle Roger found a nest of kittens under the hay combine last Saturday. Two of them were killed before he realized they were there, but the third one survived. It didn't even have its eyes open yet. He took it in to Grandma and she took care of it. As of today the kitten, a male dubbed Squish-Kitty, is doing fine and makes a lovely new addition to the family.

I have recently become obsessed with a George Strait song that until a week ago I didn't know existed. I'm not sure why. It doesn't have any meaning for my life whatsoever. But I continue to listen to it over and over again. I'm afraid the track may give out on me soon.

I miss my dad. He has to have an MRI on his shoulder on Monday. The Doc thinks he may have a torn rotater cuff or a ripped tendon. He is in a lot of pain all the time. Father's Day is always a hard day for me. I think it's a hard one for him too. No tears, Just emptiness where there shouldn't be.

I had to have a shot for poison ivy this week. I am also on extreme doses of steroids which make me grumpy. For some reason, all I have to do is look at poison ivy cross-eyed and I'll catch it. I can get it off the animals or other people's clothes, even from just standing to close to the stupid plant. In this particular case my brother was kind enough to share it with me. The butt! (my brother not the poison ivy) I also had an exceptional amount of blood drawn at the hospital on Tuesday. My Doc is trying to find out why my blood isn't clotting the way it should. *sigh*

On the brighter side, I passed all my classes this quarter and wasn't forced to drop anything due to Mono. I should have graduated this year! But due to my unfortunate 2 quarter battle with Mono, I am now stuck attending fall quarter yet again. Ugh!

I am grumpy! I just reread my blog. Oh Well, Cheerfulness is overrated. And excessive Cheerfulness is annoying.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Finals Freakout!!

Well it's that time once again. Finals!! I have a history final on Monday June 8th and Anthropology and Math finals on Tuesday June 9th. Then, Praise the Lawd, I'm done for the summer. But, until the last final is taken and I have turned it in, I will be in a constant state of freakout. I hate it. I try not to get to worked up over it, but I always end up totally stressed. I study as hard as I can and do everything I can to do well on my finals but it never feel like I have done enough. It drives me nuts. I won't sleep well until I'm done with my classes and I know my final grades. I wish I couls see the future and know what was gonna happen. Usually I don't care to know what is gonna happen next in my life, but when it comes to my academic career it would be so nice to know. Even if it was gonna be bad, at least I would know and I wouldn't have to worry about it for weeks. Yes, I realize I'm whining. Sometimes I just need to! Anyway, if you run into me in the next couple of days and I am grumpy and look like I haven't slept in six weeks...this is why.