Friday, May 29, 2009

Ask God: 10 Questions for the Ultimate Creator

All of my life I have ask my mother questions that she couldn't answer. It seems there are some questions that only God can answer. I have compiled a list of questions that have plagued my mind for ages. When I get to Heaven...these are the questions I am going to as God.

1.) Where did you come from?

I know that God created the world and that he has been around longer than any human being can comprehend. I also know that God created Jesus. So....where did God come from. The answer that he has just always been is incomprehensible to my human mind. When I ask God this question he either need to explain where he came from or help me to understand the real meaning of forever.

2.) Was there ever...or is there... in a Galaxy far far away, a world similar to ours?

The Bible says that God created the world. It also says he created the heavens. It says nothing however about any other planets containing life. But, the Bible was created as a guide for humans on this planet. that doesn't mean God couldn't have created another world somewhere else.

3.) Why create cats? Why not unicorns or mermaids? I mean come on...cats for crying out loud!

Unicorns are beautiful and mysterious. Mermaids are are similar to humans...except for the tail. What good are cats? They come into your house and take over! They quietly take over your entire life. They're cats. Their goal is world domination!

4.) Why couldn't we have direct contact with you so you could tell us what you want?

When we pray, it is so hard to wait for a sign about what we should do or for an answer. Why couldn't we hear your voice in our head. It would be so much easier to do what you wanted if we knew what it was.

5.) Why did/does life have to be so hard?

A pretty self explanatory question if you ask me.

6.) If there isn't life on other planets, then what are the UFOs people have been seeing for centuries?

I would like an exact explanation for this. It has always bugged me. Give me a visual please!
7.) What's the deal with Bigfoot and Lochness? Do they or Don't they?
If they exist, why can't we find them? Are they just the ultimate hide-and-seek champions or are they figments of the incredible human imagination?

8.) Why do bad things happen to good people? And why are nasty people allowed to get away with so much?
Again pretty self explanatory!

9.) Do you really hear every single tiny, little prayer of all the gazillions of prayers being prayed every minute?
If you do Kudos to you, but how do you do it?

10.) What was your favorite memory of my life?

Of all the things that happened in my life, of all the moments...what was your favorite?

So those are my questions! If you read this blog and think..."hey, I have questions to!" feel free to add them to my list in a comment. I would love to know what they are.