Sunday, May 24, 2009


The current time is 4:12 am. I am completely and utterly awake. So, after exhausting myself on Facebook I found myself on my blog. The Internet is a lifesaver when I can't sleep. OK... so the title of this blog is cats. And for good reason. The last few days have been catastrophic. My cat is an outside cat. Sometimes I don't see her for days, and sometimes I see her everyday. I hadn't seen her for almost a week and I was getting a little worried. Then Thursday afternoon, she showed up on the front porch with a paw the size of Rhode Island. Apparently she had gotten her foot caught in the mouth of something larger than her. (She has a tendency to over estimate her own size) I immediately took her out to my grandma's house, where first aid was applied.
Tallie (that's the cat's name) has been in the house now for three days while her paw heals. She has also been getting antibiotics to stem off infection. Now she has taken over the dog's bed in the living room. The dog (a boxer) is afraid of Tallie, so she cries because she has no place to lay down. When she isn't on the dog's bed, she is sleeping in the middle of the love seat so no one else can sit there. Something else you need to know about Tallie. She is bad. Not a little bad, she is really, really bad. She used to be an indoor/outdoor cat. She was banished to the outdoors because one day she crawled into my mother's bed (under the comforter) and peed all over the place. Her litter box was available and clean, but apparently my mother had done something Tallie disapproved of. Any time anyone left the bathroom door open, Tallie would pee or poop on the floor or the towels. Thus, she was banished. But whenever something is wrong with her, we come running to save her. I still love her. I don't know how, I don't know why. Now that Tallie is inside for a while, our inside cat is so jealous. Catundra, is running around the house, clawing at the furniture, and pouncing on unsuspecting pedestrians in the living room. I have scratches on my feet. When I go to bed, she claws at my bedroom door. If I let her in the bedroom, she claws up my carpet. Which leads me to the question.... Why do we have cats?

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  1. I think it is because we secretly crave abuse!