Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Sad Day

Today was sad. A few days ago a very dear friend of our family passed away, and we went to the calling hours today. When we arrived the line wound through the building and down the front steps of the funeral home. that's how amazing this woman was. she touched every life she came in contact with. She loved everyone! She was an amazing wife, mother, and grandmother! Seeing that line was a "wow" moment for me. What kind of person lives their life in such a way that so many people are touched by it? I want to be that kind of person. She was and will continue to be an inspiration in my life and the lives of those of us who remember her. I know she is in heaven, there is no doubt in my mind. Still, I grieve for what we have lost and I pray for comfort for her family. Like her son put it "She was a mother to all"! She really was.

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